Opioids and Health Care

Shannon believes we need a comprehensive approach to the opioid crisis. We must ensure that those fighting addiction and substance misuse have access to quality, affordable healthcare and that those on the front lines of the opioid crisis, law enforcement and first responders, should have the tools they need to be successful.


Building A Stronger Economy

Shannon agrees with New Hampshire’s business leaders that more needs to be done to build the strongest workforce possible.  New Hampshire needs to invest in job training, prioritize crucial infrastructure investments, and promote policies that retain and attract young families.



Shannon believes that there is an undeniable link between strong public schools and building a strong economy. She opposes any attempt to spend your hard earned tax dollars on private and religious schools. As a mother of four, Shannon knows the costs related to college education and that we must take action to make affordable, high quality education available to Granite Staters. She also believes we must do more to invest in career and technical training and community colleges since a four year education is not the only path to a successful career.


Fiscal Policy

Over the past decade we have seen a significant rise in property taxes. In the state senate, Shannon would support policies that reduce the burden on our towns. Shannon opposes a sales and income tax and believes there are other, fiscally responsible, methods to raising revenue.
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