Merrimack Toll Issue:

Merrimack, NH -- Four years after the removal of the Exit 12 tolls on the Everett Turnpike, the tolls on exits 10 and 11 remain open and Merrimack’s families and small business continue to feel the financial burden on a daily basis.  


Because of the town’s proximity to major commuter routes, its residents and small businesses have been unfairly targeted. For residents of Merrimack, simply getting around town, running errands, or grocery shopping may involve paying a toll.


While the state has a revenue responsibility, residents of Merrimack should not have to shoulder a disproportionate share of the highway tolls collected. Therefore, as your next State Senator, Shannon Chandley will work diligently to resolve this problem. Shannon will advocate for measures to help Merrimack families including removal of the tolls and discounts of E-Z Pass Rates.


Shannon’s record of bipartisan legislating and the pursuit of compromise in the face of gridlock will serve the community of Merrimack well. As your next State Senator, Shannon will work with Democratic and Republican legislators alike in order to provide relief for Merrimack families and small businesses.


Paid for by Friends of Shannon Chandley. Tom Silvia - Fiscal Agent
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