Shannons Chandley will fight for Clean Water in Merrimack: 

Merrimack, NH -- For too long, the residents of Merrimack have dealt with the contamination of their public water supply by PFAS. These chemical toxins are known to accumulate in the environment and body, and have been associated with negative health consequences. Merrimack residents, like all NH citizens, deserve clean water in their homes, their schools and their communities.



State Representative Shannon Chandley believes clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental human right which transcends partisan politics. It is the responsibility of the state and local government to monitor and address any issues of contamination as they relate to public safety.



Residents of Merrimack are reporting health issues known to be associated with PFAS exposure. In addition to working to remediate the current situation our state government must act to prevent another crisis.



Moreover, the contamination of the public water supply has compelled many residents of Merrimack to install expensive filtration systems in their homes. Merrimack families have had to divert their hard-earned income from retirement savings and college funds to ensuring that they have clean drinking water.

As a mother of four, Shannon prioritizes protecting families. Widely regarded as a bipartisan problem solver in the New Hampshire House, Shannon will work hard with all members of the legislature in order to ensure clean and safe drinking water for residents of New Hampshire. As your next State Senator, Shannon will work to provide local communities with the resources they need to protect their residents, ensure proper enforcement mechanisms are in place, and insist that blood tests be available for certain individuals exposed to PFAS.

Paid for by Friends of Shannon Chandley. Tom Silvia - Fiscal Agent
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